Why I Love Netflix

As a high school student, I constantly experience the stress and pressure the education system puts on young people today. But after a long day at school, it is nice to know that Netflix is waiting for me at home. The countless amount of movies and TV shows the website provides endless relief for any of my moods.

Music is Life

As a band geek, music is obviously a big part of my life. One of my favorite band pieces to listen to is actually an ensemble-turned-marching-band-theme: Promenade

(and not only is this music great, the marching band is spectacular!)

Harry Potter For ALL Ages

Ask anyone, I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. My sister and I collectively know about all there is to know about the Harry Potter world. Recently we got our parents to read the series, and they adored it! But before they familiarized themselves with the books, our conversations about Muggles and Voldemort terribly confused them. They knew about as much about HP as the parents in this video.

"I cannot live without Books." -Thomas Jefferson

I adore reading, but I certainly haven't always. My passion for reading was really sparked by reading the Harry Potter books when I was in elementary school. My absolute favorite was the fourth one, the Goblet of Fire (maybe because that's the one I accidentally started on). It was so exciting and the storyline so detailed, I just had to read the rest of the series...5 or 6 times

Good Grief!

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