Live Life Unbreakable

Lucas Monteith


I believe in the evolution of life,

the rays from the sun,

the continents being a whole,

the love from god ,

the way of nature,

the energy from the wind , the gravity from the moon , the stars in the sky,

But something i don't believe in is the way of murder.

I believe in the power of the earth,

I believe in the flow of music,

I believe in the importance of family,

love , honesty , and happiness ,

And I believe in life being a road of nothing but bumps and cracks, waiting for you to fall.

My Personal Credo

   My personal credo is, Live Life Unbreakable.This says no matter how far you go in life, nor how hard it gets, don’t let the world around you break you. Stand strong, and be courages..! This helps guide me because, no matter how hard life got, or how many tough situations i’ve been in, I chose to stay strong, and don't let the worst get to me.

I formed this belief when I was in elementary school. At the time I was not as social as I am now. I used to get picked on a lot in elementary school. Eventually i decided to stop letting what people said or did get to me, and find the best out of the worst. One day I was reading my library book, and the word unbreakable came up and i stopped at it and just thought about its true meaning and what it stands for in my life. To me, unbreakable has multiple meanings. It means courages, bravery, honesty, and happiness.

This belief is important to me because, it helped guide me through life, and helped me be a more social person and stop staying “inside a shell” all the time. It showed me that you don’t always have to be timid about everything. Just go strong and bold, and don't care about what everybody else has to say or think about you . It’s important to stick to this belief because, if you live by it, then you will seem to be much happier and life will seem less stressful.

I don’t think my credo will change, because it has been with since i was in elementary school, and it has stuck with me until know.In addition, another reason i don’t think it will change is, because it has helped me get through tough situations in my life.However, I think I will develop new ones. I see it evolving into something bigger and having a bigger effect on me as an adult. Its meaning will become for significant, and when I'm giving my graduation speech I could reflect on the to teach a lesson to the younger generation.

This credo is incredibly important to me, because it has great meaning and a story behind it. I didn’t pick it just to have something in the back of my head to help me get through a situation at the moment. I chose it because it helps me when I'm in a tough situation and when I'm not. I would strongly persuade people to follow my credo because it could have a significant impact on their life and what their going through. You don’t have to be going through something either for it to have an impact or mean something to a person. It could be something as simple as something to reflect on when your upset or mad about something.

By: Lucas Monteith

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