The Qin Dynasty

Could you have lived by there standards?


   Emperor Qin live from 259 B.C.E to 210 B.C.E. He ruled from 221 B.C.E to 210 B.C.E. His nick name speaks volumes which is "Tiger Qin". His awe inspiring rule began 221 B.C.E after overthrowing Zhou in 256 B.C.E. When Qin took over China he renamed it "Qin Shihuangdi". One of the facets of Qin is that he was influenced by Legalism. He adopted three main ides which were: divided into district, new army, three officials.One method he used to maintain power was to use harsh measures. He used key steps to do these measures which were:uniform laws, standard money,and simpled letters. What were some of these measure:widows could not remarry, officials punished if grain spoiled, and officials punished if walls collapsed. Because The kings belief was in that of the Legalism so that was the peoples belief system. What were some of the punishment of this ruler? they included:fines, labor, whippings, and beheadings. How was trading made easy?  By standardized money, weights, and measures.How writing was simplified?By taking away some characters. what did the leader do to end oppoistion? The leader ordered the people to burn their books and if they didn't they would be forced into labor or even killed.How Qin protected the borders? he built the wall to the west [later rebuilt to the great wall of china]. How long did it take to build it? Roughly 10 yrs.Conditions when building the wall? It was freezing in the winter and extremly hot during the summer. Do to the height of it u would be unable to move life stock over and there would be lookouts on the top of the wall. li siu conflict? No one was allowed to learn about confusianism and he fought against that rule. ‘book burning? They would burn the confusious books and if not death or slavery. choices by scholars? Some of them would die by their books or go into slavery. his fear of death and what he try to do? He ordered magicians to see how to become imortal. what was going on during his death?Over 700,000 people were helping in the building of his tomb. Deatails of the tomb?Made to prevent tomb robbers valuable  jewels tools and rare artifacts were found in his tomb. they also fond an army of men made of terra cotta. what hapend at the end of the dynasty? The had a civil war which a peasant leader named liu bang won.This ended the dynasty.

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