Medical Technologist

Brianna A.J. Flores

       Have you ever heard of a nurse or a doctor?...  of course you have. They are like the "clothes" of a body it is just what you see. Medical Technologists (M.T.) are the "brains" of the body  that being that they do all the work that comes out of your body and test them.

       The average M.T. makes about $56,900 a year.  They also take anything that comes out of your body and tells the doctor  what's wrong with you as long as it has nothing to do with your head. They cover all types of things in the laboratory like  haematology, microbiology, virology, they even draw your your blood.

     Medical Technologists often work with petri dishes (as you see above) to smear a sample of your cheek or blood and sometimes even your stool samples to grow that sample on that dish to see if it grows into a mold, yeast, fungus, or even bacteria that could kill you! After a few weeks or so the M.T. tells the doctor or nurse in some cases what it is and what medication to give the patient.

     The M.T. must have a strong immune system to begin with because they will be dealing with tons of fungi, molds, bacteria, and yeasts. Their immune system will become stronger than the average human's immune system.

     A medical technologist must have a bachelor's degree in medical technology or in human science and they prefer you to have been an intern.

     Anyone can be a medical technologist as long as they have a bachelor's degree.

     If you thought that science was easy you guessed wrong because you need to take samples know hundreds and hundreds of fungi and bacteria.

     Medical technology is a good job in the science field that has good pay, if you're good at the job that is, and it is not only entertaining but also exciting.

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