The Aztec during the 12th century A.D began they began a long migration that brought them to the Valley of Mexico. Other people drove them to a snake region, but the Aztec survived and also strength themselves by the belief in a sign that would come from their god of war and sun, Huitzilopochtli. The next 100 years most Aztec built temples, houses, and public buildings. They would build roadways of stone across the Lake Texcoco to the north, south, and west. Aztec consolidates their rule over, of what is modern Mexico.

Map of the Aztec

The Aztec started to migrate sometime during the 12th century A.D, they began to go to the Valley of Mexico. They established a capital at Tenochititlán, thats now Mexico.


How they dressed

The Aztec clothing was a loosing fitting and did not completely cover the whole body. Most of their clothing was made of cotton. Women would weave the fiber into clothing, most young teen girls would learn to do.

Gods of the Aztec's

A lot of the Aztec had many Gods, but the God that they would believe the most or was the most important to them was Huitzilopochtli (God of Sun and War).

What they ate

Aztec people rate corn right of the cob and would use the kernels in a soup called pozole. They would combine the worn with beans and vegetables, wrapped around in a corn husk called tamales.


Most of the peoples life as a warrior was short, when they would see a war coming they had to prepare themselves to leave their families and join the ranks. Most would join a small group or even a group of thousands people.

Aztec's Calendar

They had a calendar that was dedicated the sun God, it was carved from basalt - a solidified lava an area where volcanoes were common. But it was buried under a central square in Mexico City. Then in 1790 they the massive carving was unearthed, renewing interest in Mexico's ancient culture.

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