North Atlanta Tech News Letter 9/2-9/5

Just a Way to Help

Hello North Atlanta Staff,

This is your tech help email blast. I am going to try to send this weekly as a way to share with you tech help and news. I will have messages about mobile labs, help times, tutorials, articles, and hopefully much more included. Hope you enjoy!


App of the Week: Graphite

If you are looking for new Apps to try.....DON'T EVER VISIT THE APP STORE AS A STARTING POINT!  Graphite is a great place to find new apps as it has reviews, app flows, and so much more. Most of the Apps are reviewed by educators like us, so you get a great perspective. This is from the folks at Common Sense Media

New Things Coming.... Irespond

APS has decided they want to invest in a new student response tool called Irespond. This tool allows you to build quizzes and assess them through student response remotes. It also has a student directed function in it which will allow the district to also eventually push SLO test to them. You will be hearing more from me and Ms. Stewart (Media Specialist Not Academy Leader Soon). These are in the building if you want to try them. I have loads of experience on them so I can help

Google Apps for Edu Survey

I would like North Atlanta to be a Google Apps for Education School. Google has put out a new program called Google Classroom. If you want to know more about classroom, please see the video below the survey. The survey is meant to have our voices heard. If enough people want Google Apps for Edu, we will be able to move the school that way. Please respond as soon as possible.

Monday Help Sessions

I will be in my room after school until at least 4:15 (starting 8/18)  if you need help with technology. I can help you with almost anything. If you have a problem you want to solve, I can hopefully give you an app to do so. If you are struggling with something, I can help you with that to. I will even help you with infinite campus if you need. Please try to limit asking for help to this time period. I do have to teach. If you can't come, but still need help, let me know, and I can see what I can do.

Mobile Lab Sign Up

The Mobile lab sign up is now live. We will be very short handed at the beginning as we are down to 4 carts on A days and 5 on B. Some of those carts are also being used for programs around the school. We are getting more mobile labs, but they are just not here yet.

To Use a Mobile Lab YOU MUST BE TRAINED! It does not matter is you are a veteran as their are some changes in procedure. I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE COMBO ON THE LABS UNTIL YOU ARE TRAINED!

For those that are click below to sign up

Visiting My Class

I may be stepping outside of the norm a little, but I think there is some intrest to see what we do in my class. I would welcome that anytime, but please let me know before you come