Apps for Tablets

Flashcards pro: This app allows students to create and manage all of their flashcards in one location. THis app features the ability to search for pre-made cards, text to speech option, download images and track your progress. Having this app available at a station in your classroom would help students study before an exam or test.

Piano Time is a piano app with 36 visible keys and 4 selectable octaves. With a configurable metronome, students can learn to play the piano or practice their skills, as well as record and playback unlimited songs. Piano Time supports multitouch screen, keyboard, and mouse input. A great feature about this app is that you can share your recordings as MP3s!

This app could be used by music teachers or any teacher that wants students to explore their artistic side.

Record voice & Pen app is designed for teachers to record video lessons, instructions, presentations or any type of screen casting. It records your voice and the drawing with your pen or finger at the same time. You can add pictures while explaining, and share it as videos (mp4 files) by mail, upload to YouTube or Facebook, or use it in presentations and classrooms. This would be a fun way to record a tutorial or a lesson to offer students that might need help at home. One way that I would use it is to record instructions for parents so that they could then help their child with the homework.

Systems of Human Body: Any science teacher would find this app helpful. The colourful displays and well organized diagrams make it easy to explain and show the different systems in the human body.

NASA- be a martian app offers students ways to take part in discovery and learn about NASA's Mars missions. With all the talk about the Mars one mission students will be curious about it and if living is realistic on Mars. This app lets students browse images, videos, and read the mission news. A great feature is that it allows students to ask NASA questions about Mars, and find out more about the people behind the mission.

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