Skills you need in ICT

industry specific

      1. An ability to assess each customer/employee's IT knowledge levels
      2. Ability to deal with difficult callers Logical thinker
      • Good analytically and problem solving skills
      1. Up-to-date technical knowledge
      2. An in depth understanding of the software and equipment your customers/employees are using
      3. Good interpersonal and customer care skills
      4. Good accurate records keeping
      5. ou might not understand and detect bottlenecks just the way you would do when you were developing

      6. You might not decide which technology is better at performance and productivity
      7. In case of a technical dispute in team, you might not be able to help
      8. The more distance you get from code, the less you might understand developer's stress, pressures, and feelings (this is a big concern for me)
      9. You might not be able to forecast and predict the time necessary to get a task done
      10. You loose your passion when a developer talks with enthusiasm about a problem that has been solved, because you don't understand like 40 percent of what he talks about, and the less you know about something, the more boring it
      11. might become for you
      12. Developers would find it harder to explain something to you and they need to speak less technically
      13. Bad developers (rare but existing) might misuse your lesser technical knowledge and cause all sort of problems
  • there is lots of jobs in it today in ere job you need it at latest once and also maths and lots more   

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