Chemical Engineering by Leah Schmitt

Chemical Engineering is a field that focuses on finding new uses for chemicals and their practical uses. For example, a group of students recently used chemical engineering to put specific chemicals in nail polish. If the nail polish chemicals came into contact with certain date rape drugs they would change color, alerting the wearer.

Some other examples of projects a chemical engineer could complete:

Using chemical engineering to make a hybrid fuel that is better for the environment, the driver, and the car

Using chemical engineering to create safer paints, markers, and art materials

Using chemical engineering to extinguish fires more effectively

Using chemical engineering for bombs and other lethal weapons for the army

And etc, etc.

I chose this engineering field because I think that chemicals are usually percieved as only a creative way of making things blow up, but chemicals can be used for far more than that.

(Though I am interested in making things explode. When I say it like that it sounds really bad).

In any case, chemicals can be used for good as well as evil, and I feel that in media and the perception of them by the general public, this is not acknowledged. That is why I chose the chemical engineering field.

This is a series of tubes full of chemicals. Chemical Engineers might use those.

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