Field Trip to Safrani Center

Understanding business through an ethical lens

Ms.Suriya showcasing the work created by her weavers.

The students of Grade 3 went to Safrani Center for a field trip under their unit on "ECONOMICS". To understand their 3rd Line of Inquiry "Our responsibility as producers and consumers", the students understood the business from an ethical lens. They saw the Persian art being revived by the widows employed by Ms.Suraiya and the free education provided to their children in the school build by her. Our students were made aware that the weavers working on the looms have to work on one dress material for months. She also mentioned that her center is the the only center in the world that creates Persian designs which is an art forgotten after the Nizams era. Our students were full of awe and praise for the weavers who were diligently focused on their work. They were also full of admiration for Ms.Suraiya for being a responsible entrepreneur.

Their trip was not only about learning but was also full of a lot of petty shopping, the students enjoyed the experience of shopping goods independently.

They have surely understood the concept of responsibility.

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