How Basketball relates to math.

There are many ways how basketball relates to math.

I will give you a few reasons how it relates.

- during the game you need to what the score is. You need to know the difference between your score and the opponents score. That is usesing simple math.

-another way basketball is related to math is free throw percentage! If the other team gets technical fouls the coach gets to choose who shoots then free throw and he is going to choose the player who has the hight pecentage.

- Durning the game you need to keep track with how many fouls you have. You can get 5  but if you get 5 you will get ejected from the game. This also involves fractions.

-Math is also related to basketball because you have to have a high arch when you shoot. If you shoot at basketball straight it won't go in. You have to have a high arch for it to go in.

How making a Basketball relates to math.

There are also Many others things you need to find like the surface area that way you know how much grip you need to put on the basketball.

-You need to find the
volume and of a basketball

-You have to use the formula pi * r3* 4 divided by 3 to get the volume for a sphere

- standard NBA basketballs are 9.43 inches in diameter

- if you divide the diameter by two you will get the radius which is 4.715in

-Then you have to plug 4.715 into the formula

-After you have plugged  the radius in the formula you have to cube the radius

-once you have cubed the radius you multiply that by pi then by 4

-then you divide by 3 to get your answer which is 438.8in cubed

The formula for circumference = 2 • π • radius

-all you have to do is multiply 2 • 3.14 • r

- to find r you divide the diameter by 2
- the radius = 4.715
-then you plug that in the formua

I got this information from google.

The red is where I divided the diameter by two to get the radius

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