The Yamato Clan

The length of the Yamato Clan's rule is unknown. The Yamato Clan took place in Japan. There are no known rulers of the clan. The government was a bureaucracy. They ruled on a rich farming region of the island of Honshu. In the Yamato, the main belief was that the emperors were relatives of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. This made the Yamato Clan seem to be very prestigious. In fact, the current emperors of Japan still claim to be descendants of the Yamato clan. The clan did have to come to an end, though. This happened when other clans eventually gained power over them. Even though they did not remove the emperor, they did take control over him. This system continued well after the reign of the Yamato and into the 20th century.

The Heian Period

The Heian Period lasted from 794 to 1185. This period got its name from the new capital city of Heian. Their government is, of course a bureaucracy. The Heian was known as a period of peace. This was because life was so easy going as the economy was great and there were no real conflicts going on at the time. This being said, the period subsequently produced many great things. One of these being The Tale of Genji. It was considered the world's first full-length novel. The Heian period ended much like the Yamato clan. Other powerful clans took over and made the emperor more of a figurehead. This was the end of the Heian.

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