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      I get to my Grandparent's house one morning, and everything seemed like it would be okay. He was ecstatic because his grandpa was making his world famous waffles! But things turned bleak once he saw their driveway, which was completely flooded from the torrential downpour the previous night. Noah had to do the unthinkable: he would have to walk through the flood water without his shoes or socks! He would do so, and as a celebration, he would eat waffles.

      I was walking to Rush Creek, just like any other day, but today was no ordinary day. It was pouring, but not enough to just let us stay at the school and not walk. but once we got there we had to wait under the mini pavilion and wait for our cars. I was cold. Wet. Unhappy.

      We were at the Middle School Picnic, hoping to have the time of are lives. But it would be no celebration, because the soccer and football fields were drenched and muddy to the limit. How would Noah and his friends get through this.