Realtree Watch - A Perfect Outdoor Watch

The watches which have both basic digital functions and an altimeter, barometer, compass model is an outdoor sports watch that can help you navigate where you're going. These Realtree watches are designed to do outdoor adventures and can be quite useful once you are familiar with all of those handy little functions.

Some Useful Instructions

1. Set time and date. Use the mode button on the left side to access the time/date mode. Hold down the set button on the upper left to change the settings of the time. Use the mode button on the lower left, to snap between settings like hours, minutes and date. Press lower right side button to increase value and hold down to scroll faster. Once it is done, press lower right button to exit.

2. In order to set alarm, access alarm mode using mode button. Press the set button until hours begin flashing. Strike the lower right button to change hours forward, while paying attention to a.m. versus p.m. Hit the mode mode button, lower left and adjust the minutes. You can exit using set button.

3. You can access chronograph using mode button. Use the lower right button to start. Press set button located on the upper left, to stop. Press the set button to reset.

4. Realtree watch also enables you to watch time at night. Use the Indiglo light button on the front of the watch to illuminate the face of the watch to read the time at night.

5. You can access the compass in any mode except "alarm" mode. All you need to do is simply press the upper right button.

6. A Realtree watch can also keep track of your vertical during a day of skiing, or alert you if you've hit a certain altitude when you're hiking. It also serves as a mini wrist computer, and is built to stand up to the elements with ABS and PU construction. It has a swiss sensor that gives precise information.

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