The power of music

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
― Heinrich Heine

Music is entertainment and everywhere. In movies or TV shows you barely have a minute without soundtrack, every commercial uses music to support their issues, at least every second person in Study Hall wears headphones and on sport events during a break or as the opening/closing ceremonie they have people who sing. Even in shops they play music which is supposed to make you buy something. But this is just one part. Music is much more than only entertainment. Doctors use it as a treatment for some patients and you can say a lot with a song that never could be said in words. There are many ways which music is important. Why music has power.

One way how it affects us is physically and mentally. If we hear slow and calm music we relax. A workout can go pretty easy with the right music. Music can motivate for almost everything. And sometimes lyrics are not so important, often a rhythm itself motivates us physically. Some songs stick in your head and it could be just a line, but you think about it and you cannot really choose if you want to.

Besides, music has an emotional effect. One good example are movies. The simple motion picture of somebody walking down a street can be totally different depending on the music in the background. It could be sad, scary or happy and the only thing which changes is the music. Some music makes us cry. Whether it is because it is touching or sad. Music on a funeral often makes you cry and that has more than one component. The lyrics and rhythm are one thing, but music has another power: it can capture memories. Probably everybody has at least one song which reminds you about something. I would say I have a lot. There is Kokomo which reminds me of my summer break for example. Quite often it represents a good time, but sometimes it also indicates sad times or just events. No matter what it evokes an emotion and it is quite hard to listen to music without any feeling.

Furthermore music can support the healing process. One example is the treatment of trauma patients. In their recovery music is really important and actually helps a lot. There are many other fields where it is used and scientists still research on this topic.

Another reason why music has power is represented in protest songs or every time people need a way to show their opinion. Beethovens ninth (Ode to joy) was used as an anthem for the unified team of Germany. Songs are a good way to tell an opinion, if you cannot really say it. Protest songs about any event show frustration and anger.

These are just a few perspectives on the power of music and you could argue about a lot more things. But physical, mental and emotional effects, music in medicine and in a way telling the own opinion are the most important.

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3 years ago

Excellent examples and depth of explanation, Hannah. Thank you. Lovely quote from Heine, too.