Long Fin Red Minor Tetra and Mickey Mouse Platy

By: Will Sachs and Matthew Fincher

The Long Fin Red Minor Tetra is a very colorful fish that is very friendly to fellow fish in the tank. Its maximum size is 2 inches long and loves diet flake food. Tetras are good beginner fish. They prefer to swim with a school which is 5 or more. It likes to have plants near the edges of the tank and ornaments such as a sea rock to hide in. The other fish in the tank is the Mickey Mouse Platy. These fish are pretty much the same except for they can be different colors. Overall these fish are very good beginner fish and interact well with each other.

Tank Info

The volume of the tank is 4,200 inches cubed. The tank holds 18.2 gallon. We need 6 bags of gravel to fill up the bottom to 1.5 inches thick. The volume of the gravel is 600 inches cubed. We are using 4 different decorations such as the corkscrew plant, green monclo grass, craggy see rock, and tall drift wood. The Mickey Mouse platy is 1 dollar and the variable is m, and the Long Fin Minor Tetra is 3.99 and the variable is t. 3.99t+1m=24.95

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