Parts Of A River

By: Vernice Angelie Amagan

Rivers by a user named Ciara on blendspace.


Watersheds: An area of high water to low water emptying to a large body of water.

A watershed of California.


Source: Where the water comes from.

Source are mostly the mountains or hills. This picture is by: Arts and Science.


Mouth: Into the river,opening of large body of water.

Delta: Sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake builds up a landform.

Great Basin

The Great Basin is a watershed where the water does not flow to the ocean.

Great Basin National Park, Nevada


The relatively flat land adjacent to a river channel that is underwater when the river floods.


Extreme upper reaches of a stream. In headwaters streams, light is blocked by trees making plant life in the streams scarce

This video shows the San Marcos Headwater.

Down River

Down River: Between headwaters and floodplain.

This is the Niagara Falls Downriver.


Tributary: A stream or river which flows into a mainstream.

This picture is by: Mandy Barrow.

Divide: Separates watersheds with mountain ranges.

Lake Solitude form the divide between the West & East side Teton Range.


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