Kabul, Afghanistan

The Kunduz Taliban Assault

On April 28, 2015 , Kunduz City in the Kabul District was captured by the Taliban.  Kunduz was surrounded  from four different directions making it difficult for civilians and military to escape.  It is now the cornerstone of the Taliban's offensive strike.  Muhammad Yousuf Ayoubi said, "If the government does not pay urgent attention, there is serious risk of it falling to the Taliban."  However it had already fallen.  The Taliban targeted four districts surrrounding the city and separated nearly 2000 families.  Gortepa, a suburb of the capital, was also under the control of the Taliban.  This city was a big part of Kunduz, which means that the Taliban ultimately controlled most of the district.  Although most of the cities under the Taliban now were devastated, the city of Imam Sahib was the worst to be hit.  The Taliban cut off roads and supply routes from other districts in Afghanistan, and ultimately isolated Kunduz.  Amanuddin Qureshi, the district governor, said, "If we don't get reinforcements, the town will fall into the hands of the Taliban."  However, the only military force to intervene is the Afghanistan  Local Police, who have been often fighting the Taliban on the front lines.  However the Taliban have gained the upperhand these days.  They started abducting and killing dozens of Aghan soldiers.  Some were actually beheaded.  With so many battles raging across the country, Kunduz officials say that the best thing they can only do is push the Taliban back for a while.


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