Caring Classroom

Creating a caring classroom starts on the first day of school. You need to build an atmosphere of trust where students can feel free to be themselves without worrying that classmates will make fun of them. This falls under Elementary schools threw High school. But at the same time you have to set boundaries and rules. One of the main things is try your hardest to remember there names as fast as you can, this will show that you care and pay attention to the children.

>> Build class spirit.
>> Play a game on the first day of school.

>> Know your students,  get to know  them as individuals ^How they act, there characteristics...
>> Have high expectations for your students.
>> Warm welcoming classrooms ^a lamp, colors in your class, a class pet,a couch, hang out spot.
>> Be warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring.
>> Work hard and be a role model
>> When disciplining a student take them outside and speak to them about the wrong choices they made.

Keeping students involved in learning

One of the biggest challenges a teacher would have would keep everyone involved in the learning process. Whether they are texting, whispering, sleeping, try to get there attention of your students, get there attention.

Managing Transitions

>> Greeting students.

When middle school students are changing classes you should great them with there name, asking questions for ex. "How has your day been?, or Good morning." Always make sure to welcome them at the front of the door.

>>Class start-up assignment.

Having problems set up in the white board or smart Pro-Methiem board. Let the students know that you are there to help them when they need help.

>> Transition to small groups.

Often,  necessitates of  moving the furniture in the room to accommodate various learning activities. Have the seats and desk in a comfortable learning environment.         << "Seating Arrangements"Groups

Noting Success

* Although teachers are busy and have a lot of things try giving the parents phone calls for the good things there kids did threw out the day or how there grades are really good.

*Let the children know that they can do anything, it is not the teachers obligation to go farther than they should but it would be nice for Teachers to push them self a little harder to show the kids that they care.

*If the teachers are in grades 1-4 prizing them with a treat or a certificate every once in a while this  would help them try to be better.  

* It is easy for busy teachers to simply respond to behavior problems, in a sharper harsh way. Give positive feedback instead.

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