Arab- American

by Mohammad

Do you know what language this is? We speak it in the middle east. If you guess Arabic, then your right.

Holiday & Celebration

In my country we have this celebration 2 times a year it is called Eid. The day of Eid people go to prayer . After people take there kids from prayer and then they buy them toys. Most people go out to eat . Eid is the biggest holiday of the year. We also have Ramadan . In Ramadan we do not eat for a hole day! From sunrise to sunset. After sunset we can eat all night long until sunrise then we start all over again. We fast for 30 days! We fast because in case if people start to get poor and no one have food , we would be ready . I think Eid is fun because my mom and dad take us to Fun Run After fasting. I think we should have more holidays and celebrations .



There is a lot of different kinds of countries that speak Arabic like Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and a lot more.


" Food in the middle east is one of the most healthiest food in the world. " There is all kinds of food from, chesse to beans. The things we cook with is mostly olive oil. This is one of the kinds of sweets we eat. It's near eid time it is called kunafa.


Arabic talk

The arabic language is hard. Unless you know how to speak it. This is how you say hi in arabic (al-salam-wa-alaikum).And this is how you say come with me in arabic. Ta'ala / Ta'laa

Hope you learned about my religion about the food holidays, and language. (al-salam-wa-alaikum). Goodbye.