how does a football player get in shape

When a football player goes to get in shape he will ether lift weights or they will run. They will do both soon or later but for lineman will lift more than the running backs. For the running backs they will run more than the lineman because the need to be able to run far distances but the line will need to be strong so they can drive the other team off the line and make holes for the running backs.   

If you want to look like this then you need to follow this plan

  • find a weight room you can use 5 days of the week.
  • get a trainer to help you threw all the work.
  • you need to lift 3 days out of the 5.
  • the other 2 days  you need to run outside or on a treedmile.
  • if you do this for at lest for 1 year you will be in shape.

thanks for reading our tackk

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