Manufactured fibers

by Dwanequa Bailey


Polyester-Strong and often blended with other fibers Resistant to wrinkling

uses–Children’s wear, shirts, suits

Nylon-First fiber to be manufactured totally from chemicals Strong, durable, elastic

uses-–Hosiery, swimwear, windbreakers

Acrylic-Resembles woolSoft and warm Bulky, yet lightweight

uses-Terrycloth Bathrobes

Rayon-Soft, absorbent, and comfortable Inexpensive

uses-–Linings Sports shirts Jackets

Acetate- Very versatile Inexpensive and easy to dye Silky, luxurious Deep luster, soft

uses-–Neckties Lingerie Blouses

spandex-Known for its ability to stretch Resistant to lotions, oils, sun, and perspiration

uses- –Swimwear Dancewear Exercise wear

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