Transforming and transferring energy

This picture shows electrical to mechanical to thermal because when you plug the cord into the outlet that creates electrical through the cord and then it causes the fan to start in the blow dryer which causes thermal energy to form.

These glow sticks have chemical energy transforming to light because the chemical energy have a chemical reaction  which causes light.

when you start a waste factory its heat because of the burning waste the waste  causes electricity and that is how it transforms and transfers into heat to electrical.

Mineral sands have nuclear transformed into heat because when the nuclear energy has the sun on them it causes the sand to became hot which is thermal energy that is how the energy is transformed and transfers from nuclear to thermal.

This picture shows mechanical to sound because when you are playing the drums its mechanical and then while your playing them that causes sound that is how drums are transforming and transferred from mechanical to sound.

This picture shows light to electrical because when the solar panels are hit by the sun it causes the panels to start anything that is electric in your house.

This picture shows electrical energy to light because when you turn on an electrical light switch it causes the light bulb to turn on which is  radiant energy. That is how the light bulb transforms and transfers into electrical to light.

This picture shows thermal to mechanical because in a train their is a steam engine and the way to start a train is by coal in a fire which is thermal energy and that causes mechanical  energy which is the train moving so that is how this picture shows mechanical energy to thermal energy.

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