Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Samuel Wilson

Chapters 1-2

"They kicked me out. I wasn't supposed to come back after Christmas vacation, on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself and all" (Salinger 6).

Chapter 3-4

"She was worried that her legs might make her legs lousy-all thick and all. I used to play checkers with her all the time" (Salinger 36).

Chapter 5-6

The chapters were very interesting. We get to learn more about Ackley and his acrid persona. I was also very interested in why Holden was so in awe of the snow. He would not throw a snowball at anything because it looked too "pure." Also in chapter 6 when Stradlater gets home, we get to find out how his date went. I still wonder why Holden is so elated that Jane is back near him and nervous that Stradlater is on a date with him. Holden was not indulgent and would not stop bugging Stradlater about the date. Stradlater had to quell Holden's questions by punching him in the face, a tactic that was very trenchant. I feel that Stradlater is hiding something from the readers and something extra went down on the date instead of them just sitting in the car.

7-13 Discusson Questions

1. What does Holden yell just before he leaves Pency?

2. What does Holden tell Mrs. Morrow he is coming home early for?

3. What are some examples off weird things in Holden's hotel?

4. According to Holden, what is Phoebe's one flaw, and why is it a bad thing?

5. Why does Jane begin to cry in chapter 10, and how does Holden respond?

6. What does Holden talk to the cab driver about? Why is this significant?

7. Who does Holden not pay the prostitute the full $10 pay?

John Green Video

1. Holden wants to freeze time and stay young and innocent.

2. Holden wants to space himself from everyone else. That is why he he uses the passive voice.

3. Holden just wants people to listen to him and to his opinions.

14-17 Discussion Questions

1. What does Holden feel guilty about? Why does he feel like this?

2. What does Holden give the two nuns in the sandwich bar? Why is this special?

3.  Who does Holden call and why does he hang up?

4. What does Holden dream of doing with Sally at the ice rink?

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