Win dixie

By : Jessica

I am currently reading the book win dixie It is about a girl named Oval and a dog named Win Dixie. Oval goes to the store one day and she see's a dog running around the store. Oval says "thats my dog" so the owner says ok. Oval dose not know a name so she look up and see's a sign and it was labels Win Dixie. She said" come here Win Dixie c0me here " Win Dixie looks up and goes over to Oval. She brings the dog home and she says "dad  can we keep him please said Oval please". Ovals dad says no at first but when Oval convinces  the dog to stay the dad says yes. Oval is very happy and so is Win Dixie. Oval takes Win Dixie for a bath, plays with him. One day the next door neighbor says who is this Oval says this is Win Dixie well Win Dixie is not aloud in this subdivision. Oval puts up signs that say we are looking for a dog keeper and a nice family. One day Oval is very sad about Win Dixie so she takes down the signs. Her dad dose not know and her dad is thinking why is nobody wanting to take Win Dixie? The next door neighbor  says Win Dixie needs to be GONE! Ovals dad says we need to take him to the dog keeper. Oval says no she cries. When the dog keepers com the dad see's oval cry and he say's this is the wrong home.  

             This is a very good book because it is really interesting  whats going to happen next when you stop and leave off. Oval is a very good main character because she is fun to read about . What I like about this book is when the author wants you to feel sad yo actually feel sad. What I am saying is the author shows very good felling when you read the book. I am so excited in whats going to happen next!


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3 years ago

Hi, Jessie. This is a good response to your reading. Once you've explained the problem and told who the characters are, you don't have to give a summary. You can just tell what you thought of the characters and use situations from the book to prove your opinion. For example, when you tell us that Opal is fun to read about, you can give some examples to show why that is true. Also, I liked when you said that you feel sad when the author wants to you. See if you can figure out why that is. What words does she use? What does she show you that makes you feel emotional?