In honor of connected educator month, we had a Twitter session in PLC's this month for each department. We used the hashtag #stehlikce to show some of what we were doing in classes and PLC's. I really love what I am seeing around the campus. I  also really appreciate those that stepped out of their comfort level to try something new this month as well as those that share the great things they are doing in their classroom and in their collaborative meetings. Our campus account is @stehlikstallion. Follow us for updates.

Google Expeditions

Big shout out to Mr. Metcalfe for arranging a visit to Stehlik Intermediate and making it happen. The students, teachers, and leadership team that visited on that day enjoyed the expeditions and it was an experience that the students will remember . Check out a few pics below.


The Technology and Curriculum Conference of Aldine was on October 17th. It was great to see several Stehlik faces attend and learn something new. Shout out to  Ms. Van, Mr. Pequeno, Ms. Donnelly, Ms. Smith, Ms. Wallace, Mr. Close, Ms. Bosar for attending. Sorry if I missed anyone. If you would like to see some of the TCCA action you can search the hashtag #TCCA15. There were soo many resources and ideas shared on and around that day.


I got the opportunity to visit a campus in Katy for #Edcampkaty last weekend to collaborate with other educators and leaders about what they are doing to promote student achievement and what is working on their campuses. I will say it was a great experience I would recommend you trying out an EDcamp if you ever get an opportunity. You choose what you want to learn. To take a glimpse of what took place you can search the hashtag #edcampkaty on twitter. FREE PD by the way.  I learned about the hashtags #MREmathematicians  #principalsinaction . If you check them out you will see some pretty cool stuff.

An opportunity to win resources for our students and campus. Check it out.

Upcomming Free #EdTech Events in Texas

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