Role of Women in Ancient Greece

By Tierra Williams and Dontres Davis

Home life

The women in ancient Greece were very unprivileged. They had no political rights sort of like the women in America. The men spent most of their time outside of the home so women were to stay at home and take care of the children and house. In poverty homes the women had to do everything by themselves.  The wife was in charge of raising the children, spinning, weaving and sewing the family┬┤s clothes. They all were in a slaved based economy.


There were certain festivities women could not attend. Women did have important roles in things like funerals.  The women could not visit temples without their husbands consent. The Greeks religion was Polytheistic. Which means that they believed in more than one god.


The clothing for Greeks were typically homemade. Based off of pictures we can tell that the clothing designs were very intricate and selective. They had precise colors and designs. They used two main fabrics called tunic rectangle and cloak. Under garments around mid waist women would wear a soft band or better known as strophion. For shoes the men and women wore sandals, slippers, soft shoes, or boots.  Jewelry was created in the Hellenistic time period.   

Women couldn't inherit their own property or appear in court as jurors.Women also didn't get in trouble with the law as much because they really didn't have any social lives.women couldn't didn't even have political right but slaves did

the women of ancient greece were not allowed to have shops but some traded foods and perfumes.most occupations of women were the same as slave women.the slaves or men did all of the shopping in the agora women were expected to make clothing or food

Girls were married at a young age often to a man in his 30s. After they were married they would give offerings to the gods.the brides daughter would chose the husband.if the daughter came from a wealthy family her marriage would most likely be arranged