5 Mobile Apps

That Can Be Used In The Classroom

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Below are 5 mobile apps that can be used in the classroom for K-12.

1. Notability

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What is it? Notability is a note-taking application for Apple. You can download documents, such as readings or PowerPoint presentations, and annotate them as well as sketch ideas and record lectures. You can either type or handwrite with a Stylus. The app also allows you to access your documents through iCloud on any Apple device, and you can share them through Dropbox and Google Drive.

What can it be used for? Teachers can use Notability to distribute and collect assignments. Students can access documents via Dropbox or Google Drive, complete them and share them with their teacher. The teacher can then make direct feedback on the document and return it to the student.

2. Mobl21

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What is it? Mobl21 is a platform for teacher to create content that can be edited and published by students depending on their learning styles. It allows for the teacher to create "Rich Interactive Media" that includes audio and visual components. Teachers can create lessons as well as quizzes, study guides and flashcards. They can also measure what the students are learning based on feedback from the completed  assessment activities.

What can it be used for? Teachers can use Mobl21 to create and share content in multimodal ways. Students can have access to lessons, study guides, and flashcards that have been created by teachers based specifically on their curriculum content.

3. Journal Jar

What is it? Journal Jar is a website that you can turn into a mobile app by downloading it on to the home screen of your iOS or Android mobile device. You just have to shake the device to generate a journal writing topic. It is unclear if you can add your own topics but that would be a nice feature.

What can it be used for? Journal Jar is a fun way to randomly choose a journal writing topic. There may be instances where students aren't motivated to write about a particular topic and this app can potentially inspire a student to write about something else.

4. Socrative

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What is it? Socrative is a platform for formative assessment where you gain feedback from a variety of Q & A formats to gauge student understanding. You can create a "Quick Question" which is similar to a poll. A Quiz with multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions. The app collects all of the students responses to show you what content you may need to review.

What can it be used for? Teachers can use Socrative to get immediate feedback on what has been learned in a lesson by creating a quiz that students must complete before they move on to the next classroom lesson or activity. This can allow teachers to tailor their next lesson based on the student feedback. Students can also see what they may need to focus on when they review the material for future assessments.

5. Phone Gap

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What is it? Phone Gap allows you to create HTML, JavaScript and CCS applications that can be used across mobile devices. This tool allows the user to create/build their own applications, called "Native Applications".

What can it be used for? Students gain experience being the creators and innovators of their own mobile app. Phone Gap allows students to create their own mobile application that can be used on a variety of devices. As a teacher you could also create an app specifically for your class if you are unable to find one that suits your needs.

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