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December 4 - 27, 2014

STANLEY HALL,the name of an all-girls dormitory Wendy Kveck resided in as a freshman in college, is an important point of reference in the artist's ongoing research and new body of work. Kveck examines images of women from art history and contemporary media as cultural signifiers of excess, desire, anxiety, fear, regret and loss. For the past decade, her practice has been an evolving investigation into depictions of women as consumers and consumed.
The hybrid drawings and paintings for 'Stanley Hall' collide images from Kveck's recent public performances based on identity and gender with images from Face-book, Google image searches and princess coloring books.

Kveck states: "More than simply painting source material, the real-time experience and relationships formed with the female performers inform my content in the studio...I love the food and flesh-like qualities of oil paint, how color and materiality can evoke the vulnerable, the excessive, the sensual, the subversive and the abject"

Wendy Kveck is influenced by early feminist artists and the notion of performance as reflective, reactive and transformative action. Kveck’s practice moves between her own loosely scripted improvisations about female social rituals and the solitary act of studio painting.

Jon Winet, artist, curator and educator writes:
"Kveck has an unblinking engagement in both subject and form. Wendy is deeply committed to a dual conversation on the language of painting in its abstract seductiveness, and on conceptual issues of gender and feminism, the visceral, the abject and the desirable.”. . .

Mark your calendars for December 11 for 'Conversations with the Artist' series 6-8pm with Wendy Kveck and a guest host. The group conversation begins promptly at 7.
Exhibition runs through December 27th.

Join us for Preview Thursday and First Friday
November 4 and 5th.    Exhibition runs through Dec  27

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