temperate decidous forest

Deciduous forest can be found in the eastern half of north America, and the middle of Europe.

There are many deciduous forest in Asia.

Some of the major areas in the south west Russia, Japan, and eastern China.

South America has two big areas of deciduous forest in southern Chile and middle East coasts of Paraguay.

There are deciduous forest located in New zeland, and southern Austraila also.

The temperate deciduous forest gets 30-60 inches of rain.

Also, the weather and climate is:

Weather: -30 degrees to 30 degrees, yearly average is 10 degrees, hot summers, cold winters

Climate: Moist Continental Climate

The average temperature is 50 degrees, winter temperature is below freezing.

Each 4 seasons is in the temperate deciduous forest for 3 months.

There are cool, and rainy areas in the temperate deciduous forest

The trees that lose their leave in Fall and regrow them in Spring!

There are many plants in the rain forest such as the orchid plant.

This is on of the thousands of plants that live in the Temperate Deciduous Forest called the Canada Mayflower.

This is probably the coolest looking plant so far. It is called the skunk cabbage

This is another cool looking plant called the rubus phoenicolasius.

This is a funny looking mushroom called the helvella crispa that lives in the Temperate Deciduous Forest

There are many different species in the Temperate Deciduous Forest, but only a few of them are well known such as the Brown Bear.

Most of them are sneaky, but they don't mean any harm there are just doing what they always do.

Lots of people kill the ones that are extremely good to eat, but there is a price. Some are going out. Here there are seasons for killing sertain ones.

The rabbit is one of the many animals that are never cought. This animal is very fast so it is hard to catch it.

The moose is one of our most interresting animals that is here in the deciduous forest.

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