Powers and Responsibilities


Hermes name is ancient Greek means "cairn, pile of stones".  His Roman name is Mercury.



Hermes son of Zeus and Maia, has many siblings.  All of Zeus' children are his siblings, but Hermes has a special younger-brotherly relationship with Apollo.  Hermes has many mates.  Some of his mates are Agraulos, Akalle, Antianeira, Alkidameia, Aphrodite, Aptale, Carmentis, Chthonophyle, and Creusa.  Since Hermes has all of these mates he of course has many children.  Some of his children are  Angelia, Eleusis, Hermaphroditos, Oreiades, Palaistra, Pan, Agreus, Nomios, Priapos, Pherespondos, Lykos, Pronomos, Abderos, Aithalides, and Arabos.

Hermes son of Zeus and Maia, has many powers and responsibilities.  Hermes has great speed which is why he is the messenger of the gods.  He is also very lucky and has the power to give or take away sleep.  He is also the patron of merchants and thieves.  And lastly he is the God of herds, travel, trade, and athletics.

Hermes has many symbols.  One of his symbols is the Caduceus, this is also knows as the heralds staff.  The Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapping around it.  Another symbol of Hermes is the Kerykeion, these are his winged sandals that could whisk a person off with great speed.  Another symbol is the Talaria a winged cap, or the Petasos which is also a wide brimmed hat.  And lastly one of his symbols is his Pegasus.

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