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1600 day 1: im here with the teenage girl who is letting me stay with her,  i have decided to Wright my first entry on the geography of japan.  there is very little farmland Since there was little land and lots of sea, the Japanese depended on the ocean as their major source of food. Also, since they were surrounded by water, they developed a strong navy and great seaports and shipyards. Being an island also isolated them. The Japanese wanted to keep out foreign investors as much as possible. They, like the Chinese, were an ethnocentric society, which means they believed that their culture was superior to all other cultures.

1: i think they should let every one grow their own garden because they could more vegetables

2: i think every one should be even but still have different ranks just have the same amount of respect for each other so theirs no fights

3: i believe outcasts should be allowed in town when ever they want because they wont do anything else nobody else would

4: i believe the samurai should put their own personal touch on their sword so they bond with it

5: i believe their money should of been coins or something so someone couldn't grow their own 'money'

economy: the economy in Japan wasn't great since they were isolated so they had to use rice because they had to use their own resources

politics: politics remained unstable, Internal wars and power shifts were very frequent, especially during the late 15th century to the end of the 16th century

society: Tokugawa Yoshinobu formally returned political authority to the emperoris called the Edo Period. Edo is the former name for what is now Tokyo. This period was given its name because the feudal government at the time

Once Japan had left the Edo Period and started to enter the Meiji Period, one of the most important changes which had occurred were the changes in culture. The Japanese culture changes during the Meiji Period mainly were of changes in education, arts, and the society itself. but, while it may not seem so, a majority of these changes are because of the Western influences on the Japanese.

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