Nitrogen may be number 7 on the periodic table but it's number 1 in our hearts.

                                                       Atomic Structure                                        

       Nitrogen is a non metal element with a symbol of N.  The atomic number of Nitrogen is 7  and it has an atomic mass of 14.067 and a mass number of 14.  This element has 7 electrons, protons, and neutrons. It is located in group 15 and and in period 2.   Since it is located in group 15 and period 2 it has 5 valence electrons and 2 electron shells.

                                             Properties and Common Uses

       Nitrogen is a common element found in the universe including the Solar System. It has an appearance of colorless, it is odorless and also tasteless.  Many compounds contain nitrogen, including acids and ammonia.   The melting point of -210 Celsius,  the boiling point is -195.579. The phase of Nitrogen is a a gas, but it could be each phase but most commonly a gas.  Many compounds contain Nitrogen and bond with other elements. You can often find Nitrogen in animals and plants but it must be converted because it is necessary for life.  

                                                          Sales Pitch

           You must bring Nitrogen along your adventure! Nitrogen is necessary for your living.   It is in many acids and proteins. 78% of the atmosphere is in every living tissue. With the exception of carbon, nitrogen is the most universal element of life.  


         For biological needs for Nitrogen I ranked it a five. I ranked Nitrogen a five because you need it to survive. Many compounds have nitrogen in them, and also many elements need Nitrogen to bond. Socially since it is needed to survive many people would trade to have this element.  People would be willing to trade for their survival, but it is not very good in defensive mechanism. Functional needs it fairly decent. It is needed for your survival most of the time, because it's in most acids and proteins.. Defensive need is very poor. I learned nothing about defending yourself with Nitrogen.


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