Issue #1: we had a short delay due to our  first blueprint design and because of it we needed to make a new one with new designs. The first model we made had many complications. Our first model was uneven and couldn't support itself, with our specific design we didn't have the proper materials which led our first attempt to falure.

Issue #2: another issue was that the blueprint of our first system diddnt give us a clear understanding of how to create our hydraulic system. The original model used different designs and materials than our new model .

Issue #3: we realized that our hydraulic system had another problem. It could go up and down but not side to side so me and my group started brainstorming and trying to figure out a way to fix the problem and make it work properly.

Adjustments Made:

With the major problems with the first model, we decided to take the risk of creating a second model. My group and I no longer wanted to follow our original design leading us to creating a whole new different design.  This provided the crane to not only become levelled, but also constructing a more stable design, adding a stronger base and discovering a more effective way to make the crane rotate. It also helped us make room for 2 tubings to fit in the design.

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