How Visual Design Elements Are Found in Foods
By: Lauren Meyer

The chocolate chips in this photo display points and how they add focus to the photo.
The swirl in the lollipop show how lines play a roll in this picture.
This cake shows various colors that were added to show detail.
Value was added to this shot to help make the vibrant foods pop and stand out.
The flowers on the cupcakes show how shape was added to make them look tasty and delicious.
The grapes are pictured to show form and depth. This makes the grapes pop.
These chocolate bars display space. There is an even amount of space in between each piece to add depth.
Texture was added to the macaroons to show that the edges are slightly rough and the tops and bottoms are smooth.
Balance is displayed in this photo by the criss-crossing dough to make a checker board pattern. Balance was added to show formality.
In this photo, the bright red cherry on top displays emphasis. The colors are bright so that the attention is drawn towards the cherry.
The orange M&M shows contrast from the other blue M&Ms. This tool is used to make the orange M&M pop and stand out from the others.
This picture shows rhythm as the cakepops are repeatedly shown on the page.
This kitten cookies show proportion because the body parts of the kitten are relative to those of a real kitten.
The cupcakes lined up show unity by displaying completemess and harmony.
Economy is displayed in this plain and solid cake pop. Nothing adds or helps you know that this is a delicious cake pop.
This cookie has a repeated pattern of teal, purple, and white stripes. The repeated patterns help show design and add color.
These snowflake cookies display radial symmetry as all of the lines trace back to the center of each cookie.
The golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory represents the movie full of sweets and fun.
This image of the candy store shelves shows variety. All of the candies are different options for one to choose from.
This image is an example of gestalt where you must break down the image before recognizing the big picture.


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