pollution causes death of our earth

Pollution started from early years when man created the first fires. it was then when it resembled that what pollution can do to us. pollution is the major issue all around the world. it can destroy our earth totally.

there are three types major pollution which affects our society. They are:-




Air pollution is basically about polluting the air. Air pollution happens because of radioactive material,the smoke of the vehicles,the biological and chemical sub Spenser and all these things causes our health,air and our when the life stared being easier the  smoke from the vehicles was the biggest cause of air pollution and is continuing till now.

pollution from vehicular combustion engines contain gaseous oxide,nitros oxide and carbon monoxide , all of these effects the ozone layer.with a thinner ozone layer, the earth will gradually be destroyed.if the ozone layer continued to deplete then the earth would get destroyed.

air pollution causes a variety of illness such as impaired vision,reduced brain function,lung cancer,and in some cases death.It also causes cancer. when the ozone layer is depleted the UV- rays of the sun can cause cancer , can cause skin diseases and a lot of different diseases which also affect the animals.


Water pollution is basically about polluting the water.water pollution happens because of the garbage we throw in the you people know that when you put garbage in the water it effects the animals and thousands of animal get killed.while we are polluting the water we are also making the environment destroy.

Water pollution happens because of the chemical that the factories produce.they just throw the chemical in the water and from that chemical the animals get destroyed and some of the fishes get that diseases. when the fisher men catch that fishes they also get that diseases.


Soil pollution  is the kind of pollution which is caused by the contamination of the land that affects the natural growth and balance in the land whether it is used for wildlife preserve or cultivation.creating landfills is the most common way by which the soil is polluted. some other reasons are

deforestation i.e cutting of trees

the dumping and littering done by the houses

the heavy usage of the pesticides and insecticides which affects the soil.

the contamination of soil can lead to poor growth of the crops , loss of wildlife habitat and soil erosion.

so now i think that pollution can cause us a lot of now i request you that please stop polluting the environment as the outcome is really bad and destructive and i hope you understand how much pollution can affect us.

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