Brazil World Cup group stage group H

South Korea's 1-1 draw Cheap fifa 15 coins the Russian team. The Leverkusen striker Sun Xingmin, a starter, but he in the first 45 minutes played 2 feet antiaircraft gun, this shooting quality is still not pretty, but the first half Korean and Russian 0-0 stuffy. This season, the Bundesliga, move from Hamburg to Leverkusen Sun Xingmin usher in a full-blown, he not only take the main position in Leverkusen, satisfactory answer at the end of the season he surrendered 9 goals and 4 assists. The League late is more often in the critical moment to goals and assists, help pharmaceutical companies successfully for next season's Champions league. The game was Sun Xingmin occupation career first World Cup, but the Leverkusen Feng Ba, but on the field without the slightest fear. Eleventh minutes of the game, he hit the South Korean team in this

game the first leg shot, but shot to antiaircraft gun. Yin Xirong houchangchangzhuan, park main permanent control directly pad pass road, Sun Xingmin after the ball to the right inclined to attack the door, but his shot was to fly directly to the. Only after 2 minutes, Sun Xingmin was booked for a foul. Fourteenth minutes of the game, defensive back Sun Xingmin Samer Dov, seeing the speed not Sun Xingmin behind the referee decisive kick foul, to show him the yellow card warning, this is the first yellow card of the striker's career world cup. The first shot if Sun Xingmin is just to stand, then he hit the door second times is no head, ridiculously high. Thirty-ninth minutes of the game, South Korea's backcourt ball Road on the right wing to the header from Sun Xingmin Park, the gap to attack the door put antiaircraft gun. Sun Xingmin's World Cup debut and showed no convincing data, hit the door two times more than last time, fortunately, substitute Li Genhao world wave caused igorinfeyev butter hand help South Korea scored a goal, ultimately, two teams also drew 1-1. This is South Korea's World Cup in the first game

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