Business Studies


Chapter I

What is a Business?
Business is where you buy or exchange to a customer.
What is a Customer?
A customer is a person who buys the goods or service.
What is a Supplier?
A supplier is someone that sells goods or service of bulk to a business.
What is a consumer?
A consumer is a person who buys a good and consumes it.

Chapter II

What is Market Research?
A market researcher is a person that researches about there local area to see if they can start the business there.

What is a primary research? E.G
Primary research is when you find out your own research, For example when you make a survey.  

What is what is a secondary research? E.G
Secondary research is when you use other peoples research, for example when you  use the internet to find information, you are using someone else's research.

what is qualitative data?
This is when you ask a question to find one good idea in a focus group for example if you ask what shape cookie do you like? and they say stars. That is a qualitative data.

what is quantitative data?
this is when you have a lot of ideas for your business.

Chapter III
Market Mapping

What is Market Map?

What is Market Segment?

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