That is my dog. Her name is Bretty and she is dachshund.

This dog breed comes from Germany.They are known as hunting dogs.They are very loyal and friendly.They are very choosing.I've heard that they choose one person from the family who they take special care of,in my family it's me :) We always take long walks with her ,watch TV together,play together , sometimes sleep together, she sends me to school every morning and waits untill im back.Dachshund eating should be checked, because it breeds at risk of overweight.They usually eat dog food.Some dachshunds have long fur and some have short fur their regular colors are black and brown.They have very short legs .They usually weight 8-10 kg.They move very fast if they want but if they want they can move really slow.

This is a short video about these dogs.(THESE DOGS KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!)

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