By Amanda Koester and Cole Hansen

The beautiful and refreshing climate of Canada. You probably think Canada is always cold and has a bad climate. You're wrong! If you don't enjoy the winter and snowboarding or skiing then the summer in Canada would be perfect for you! Sit back and relax while you enjoy swimming, fishing and even nature trails. Along the way you could meet bilingual Canadians. About 5.8 people living in Canada speak more than one language.

Canada would like you to enjoy their constitutional monarchy meaning they have a Queen under their legislature of Parliament. Queen Elizabeth II has been in power for 56 years after her father passed away. Thinking the queen would run the government but the prime minister does. Stephan Harper runs the executive branch within the legislative. What would we do without him!

Canada's known for their forests. In which they are a part of their industry. Their main exports going out to other countries would be wood and paper products because of their beautiful forests.

Everyone loves to try new things. Canada you'll have the opportunity to try new foods, express your cultural and see different customs. Cultures include British and French refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia. It's a very multicultural country.

There's multiple of activities you can do while in Canada so you'll never get bored! Very warm and welcoming and can't wait to see new and more people coming to experience things everyday!

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