Atmosphere:Ace McKinnis

14,000 ft 9,000 ft. 1,000 ft--

1.The pressure in the air decreases as you go higher into the atmosphere because the air molecules get spread out because the universe is so big

2.The atmosphere protects us from meteors. The mesosphere is the layer that does this for us by making meteors burn up when they enter this layer

3.The atmosphere traps enough heat fro us to be at the right temperature and live. It also sends back harmful rays

4.The atmosphere has 4 layers and each has their own purpose. The  troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere.

5.About 20% of the Earth's population breathes severely contaminated air, especially with carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from industrial processes. 13% of the British children experience asthma caused by air contamination.

6.The name troposphere comes from a Greek word that refers to mixing. And mixing is exactly what happens in the troposphere, because warm air rises to form clouds, rain falls, and winds blow the lands below. The hisgher you go in the troposphere, the colder it gets.

7.Weather happens in the atmosphere, more specifically the stratosphere. Including rain, lightning, hail, and others.

8.What is the atmosphere? It is a thin layer of gases that protects us from many things and is held in by earth's gravity.

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