Benefit for the Princess

Brooklyn Alexis McCauley

Brooklyn Alexis McCauley was born May 12,2012 to Ashley Miller and Kenny McCualey. She was 8lbs. 5.5oz and 19 in of absolute pure beauty!..ten tiny fingers..ten tiny toes..big bright eyes..just fills your heart with love.

Brooklyn Alexis 1 day old going home

When Brooklyn was a month old she had started losing weight, and sense then she has had a very hard time gaining weight at all.
In August Brooklyn was hospitalized at the university of Minnesota children's hospital. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. After a few more doctor visits they soon discovered she was still not gaining weight. Their diagnoses was wrong, back to square one.

Brooklyn at the university of Minnesota children's hospital in Aug.

Over the past few months she has undergone many test's , therapy and a high calorie formula to help her gain weight to get on track, no luck.
Brooklyn was hospitalized at St. Paul children's hospital January 15,2013 to try and determine a diagnoses as to why she can't gain weight and why she's in a huge development delay. No answers yet.
Brooklyn's 8 months and already she and her family has gone threw so much. With no for sure answers as to why or what is causing this. Please help Brooklyn and her family with medical and traveling expenses as they are on a long road to helping their daughter.  

There will be a dinner benefit along with a bake sale and silent auction. Details are still being worked out at this time but I will post when and where in the next few days. If you can't make it to the benefit but would still like to donate contact the people below.

  • Katie Moreno   Phone: 218-688-2047 Email:
  • Ashley Miller    Phone: 218-416-2010

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