Digital Tech

Leticia Da Costa - 7E

I took this photo because it has the rule of thirds at the bottom.

In this photo I used a showcase background to put the colourful dots. I also added some saturation and hue.

This photo was taken in front of the Art Room. This is a plant taken from the top

This is the edited version and I put a colour change, a blur around the centre of the plant and I also put a auto correct and put more blur on the right wall.

I took this photo on the ground near Mr Masters classroom.

In this photo I made it look like the galaxy and I put neon pink lights with a blue colour change.

I took this photo in a different point of view. It is a bush tree.

I put a colour change to all neon and I made the brightness lighter.

I took this photo in the same position as the rocks.

In this photo I cropped the rosetta flower out because it was standing out too much. I also put a nice glow with some glowing art in the centre.