The Music Store

Where the best people buy their music
Skylee Booth
Due: May 2nd, 2014

The Plan:

My business is The Music Store. There are two types of musical products that will be available to customers. The first product it a CD, and the second product is a Record.

The Cost:

I have 10,000 dollars to spend per year that my business is open. So if I sell the CDs for 15 dollars, and the Records for 20 dollars. I will have approximately 420 dollars a month to spend on each product. That means I can sell up to 25 CDs per month, and up to 21 Records per month.

The Profit:

If I buy CDs from the source it will be around 10 dollars per CD I buy, and 15 dollars per Record I buy. And if I sell them at 15 dollars per CD, and 20 dollars per Record. I will make the profit of 5 dollars per CD I sell, and 5 dollars per Record I sell.

The Equations:

x = number of CDs

y = number ofRecords




The Graph

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