Cyber Security Field Trip

By Jaime Martinez

Mike Good is head of marketing at Cisco electronics. He described that to get where he is today, was very difficult. Without a college degree, it took Mr. Good 15 years of selling products at Xerox and applying to Cisco 4  times.  From his experience I learned that continuing after high school is highly important to thrive  in life. Also without a diploma, it would take almost 15 years of excellent excellent sales to gain a great job like Mr. Good. I also learned more about cyber security system that he and Cisco on working on for schools and many other businesses.  In addition I also learned that there is so many usage for computer science in the world that many countries can thrive. Plus I learned a little bit more about network equality and sharing information freely.

Anil Pattni is an entrepreneur and founder of OCHackerz. What his website emphasizes the positive view of hacking. Although I learned from him that learning from a school how to hack is the way to get any job and not just hacking innocent people's websites and computers. In addition, Pattni taught me never to give up on dreaming and inventing.  Mr. Pattni also host programs where he incubates new ideas and help them thrive, if possible. Pattni emphasizes a lot on innovative technology that can lead to many innovations in the future. Yet what caught my attention was how his group accepts people with little or any range of technologic knowledge to learn more about engineering. From there I also learned about the arduino kit, which is like the basics to programming an engineering.

I would recommend this field trip for next year. Reason being is that you see a different side of how technology impacts the world and our lives. Plus with the insight of people in this  industry it makes learning more about technology more enticing.

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