A Trip Through
the Solar System

Your Mission:

To use what you have learned about exponents and scientific notation to work with space facts.  Keep a record of your observations and calculations in a Mission Log.

1. Research

Use NASA's Planetary Fact Sheet (link below) to find the diameter and distance from the Sun for your planet.  Record your answer in standard form and scientific notation.  

2. Analysis

Work with your research team to find out which planet is the smallest and which planet is the largest.  

3.  Eminent Impact!

Imagine that an asteroid is on course to impact your planet.  If the asteroid is one-millionth the diameter of the planet, what size is the asteroid that will hit your planet?

4. Extraterrestrial Communication

How long would it take a radio wave travelling at 300,000 km/s to reach the sun from your planet?  Perform your calculations using scientific notation.  

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5. Falling on Mars

The following equation can be used to find the height of a falling object on Mars after t seconds if it were dropped from a height of 84 feet.  How long would it take the object to hit the ground?

Congratulations!  You have completed your mission.  Turn in your Mission Log to Mrs. Sheil.  

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you rock! love to see your passion has come back from its most recent vacant world!