Broken Twig

Calab Angelo

I was at the thrilling top
My adrenalin pumping and mind racing
The hot weather wasn't helping either
It made me feel of grippe rubber
The heat left my skin itchy and roasting
I looked down from the declining ramp
I looked down in a bit of discomfort
looking at my board
Looking at the distant bottom
I stood for a few watching others fly down
It happened so quickly
Immediately I let go of the bar behind
I remember the incredible speed
Then the incredible stop
The painful impact
Now on the scorching cement
Glancing around with many eyes on me Suddenly greeted by a cold wet sensation near my arm
I looked down and saw a small pool of blood Now aware, the pain immediately hit me
I could hear "get his parents!"
I remember my father guiding my to the car
Rushed to the ER, I was wrapped up
Given X-rays and then a cast.
Surely an unforgettable experience.

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