Avoid the Hassles of Flying Commercially With Private Jet Aircraft Lease

For busy businessmen, professionals or men of wealth, flying with regular commercial airlines can be a time consuming and quite a risky proposition. If you really need to reach somewhere fast without delay, then depending upon the inconvenient and overcrowded system might not be a very good idea and you can certainly consider private jet aircraft leasingor jet rentals as a much better option. Most of these jet leasing and rental companies fly large cabin aircrafts like Boeing Business jets, Falcon 2000, Canadair Challenger 604 or Gulfstream 450 and at a rental service like Nicholas Air, you will find the best and also the most comprehensive aircraft lease in the entire industry.

Whatever be the private jet aircraft that you choose to lease from Nicholas Air, you will be provided with the security of two FAA licensed and also highly trained pilots and you also have the option of a corporate flight attendant who will be responsible for providing all required cabin services and safety assistance. There is no denying the fact that hourly rental of a jet aircraft is not cheap and beyond the affordable limit of many but if you are into big business dealings and need to travel in short notice – the cost is simply inconsequential.

Nicholas Air also gives you the chance of partially purchasing a jet but that doesn’t mean that you buy a wing or the engine of the aircraft but it is more like purchasing a time share. With the jet aircraft for sale programs you actually get the chance of using a private jet owned and operated by the company. These services give you the chance of voiding the frequent problems like delayed and cancelled flights, long queues in the airport and also save the time required for all those security and customs checking. You also get comprehensive and customizable programs so that you can always plan and schedule your trip as per your exact requirements and lease an aircraft against bulk hourly rates or simple monthly rates whichever seems a better option for you. All these programs are designed in such a way that you enjoy all the benefits of personal aircraft ownershipwithout being burdened with the residual risk factors. The company has a variety of different type and size aircrafts like Pilatus PC-12, Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 at their disposal and you can also interchange between the jets depending upon your exact specific requirements.

With Nicholas Air you can opt for a jet lease for minimum 90 hours annually which can be increased in any increment and can also be custom tailored and the rental or lease cost structure depends upon a number of factors. Size of the aircraft, number of partial owners and lease terms are the factors upon which jet renting costs are heavily dependent. Apart from the monthly lease fee partial aircraft owners with the company are also required to pay up an occupied hourly fee and a few other fees like Federal Excise tax, ramp or landing fees and also international fees for travelling outside US. For more information visit http://nicholasair.com/ anytime you want.

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