Building a Strong Foundation

Kinder teachers won't be testing until October, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be preparing students in September for success. During the fall of 2013, there were several schools in CCISD who saw positive outcomes when they focused their efforts on supporting student success with BAS in September and October leading up to the BAS testing window.

Preparation for Success

At this point, in your classrooms, it is highly encouraged that when your students are practicing their Daily 5, you are pulling 5-10 minute small groups DAILY.


We want to put into place the foundational instruction that leads to successful readers and writers. The sooner we start, the more academic opportunity all students will have prior to their BAS / SEL testing.

What is Foundational Instruction?

Let's think as a team...

1. What do our readers need to be successful at a text level A & B?

letter sounds / names
difference between a letter and a word
one to one correspondence - letters and words
locate the first letter of a word
use the pictures

2. What kinds of errors did below level readers make on BAS that kept them from successfully reading an A or B?

not pointing - one to one
holding books
high frequency words
not looking at pictures

3.What can we do to develop those skills in students during our whole group teaching  (shared reading, interactive writing, writing workshop, word study)?

cut out sentences - one to one
smart board activities
"show me..."
vowels sounds in spanish
Letters of their name

4. What can we do to develop those skills in work students are doing in stations?

tracing letters and pronouncing
word work to launch our kids further
determine the difference of name and pictures
phonemic awareness activities

5. What kind of small group work can we design for students before the BAS testing window to support the development of those skills?

Lets Start with ... Levels of Phonemic Awareness


Syllable Counting

Onset and Rime



Manipulation of sounds in words


A document with a wealth of research based activities has been added to the McWhirter OneNote under the Literacy Tab.


How do you plan to get started in your room?

What support do you need?

What questions do you still have?

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