laguna de bay issue

Laguna de bay (lawa ng bay) it is the largest lake in the Philippines located east of Metro Manila between the provinces of Laguna to the south and Rizal to the north.

In 1966, President Ferdinand Marcos signed into law Republic Act 4850 creating the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), the agency tasked to oversee the programs that aimed to develop and protect Laguna de Bay.

The recently issue on Laguna de Bay, LLDA was on side of rich businessman and they want to remove the cages of small fishery in a reason of they are not giving their taxes in LLDA. I gather some information about it the fishermen said that "Nagbibigay po kami ng buwis sa municipyo. Sa katunayan nga may binibigay pa na mga usapin na kaso sa mahihirap na mangingisda at kami po ay pinapaalis na samantalang ito'y pag aari ng mahihirap na mangingisda." Why the LLDA wants to demolish the cages of small fishermen? According in Philippine constitution Laguna lake is for marginalized fishermen.

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